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  • Can you just install my car seat for me?
    The short answer is... we can't! As CPST's our job is to educate and empower parents to use their child's carseat correctly every single time. There will come a day where there is a spill, diaper leak, or sleepover at grandmas that requires the seat to be uninstalled then re-installed, if you don't know how to properly install your seat you will probably be pretty frustrated!
  • What happens in a carseat check?
    When you book your private carseat check you will receive an intake form that will give our tech's all the information we need to best support your individual situation. When we arrive for your appointment we will start by having a look at how the seat is currently installed in your vehicle (if applicable), and give any necessary suggestions for changes. We will then help you uninstall your seat, take down a few bits of information (for record keeping purposes), and show you how to install your seat with both the UAS and the car's seatbelt. Then we take it out and walk you through it! Our job isn't done until you can safely install your seat completely independently! We will also look at how your kiddo fits in the seat, and adjust the straps as necessary. If your babe has not arrived yet we will bring a weighted doll to practice with, and review how to adjust the straps for a perfect fit. We will leave you with printed materials containing information on which stage comes next for your child's seat, and when they can finally graduate into the booster or big seat!
  • Which carseat is the safest?
    All child seats made and sold in Canada need to pass the same safety standards, and will all protect your child in the event of a collision. The safest seat is one you can use correctly every single time. When choosing a carseat consider your vehicle, not all back seats are created equal! If you have a small/compact car you will need a seat with a smaller footprint so the front seats don't need to be pushed forward to allow adequate room for a rear facing kiddo. If you have other children, or commonly have passengers in your vehicle, you will need to consider the side to side overhang of the seat. Some retailers will allow you to trial seats in your vehicle prior to purchasing them! This is a great option, and we highly recommend it!
  • When is the best time to take a prenatal class?
    We suggest completing the class series by the time you are 35 weeks pregnant. Babies run on their own schedule, it's a good idea to get classes in before the big day is looming!
  • Why should we choose The Tiny Human Company's prenatal class over another organization?
    We will cover topics that other classes don't! For example: - Natural and pharmaceutical pain relief in labour - Birth interventions (with teaching props) - Newborn care - Breast and formula feeding - How to bottle feed, and which bottle to choose - Using a breast pump - Swaddling - Diapering (dolls and diapers for hands on practice) - Babywearing (with weighted dolls and actual baby carriers) - Carseat use and safety - And so so much more! Our prenatal classes are taught by CPST's, we offer hands on carseat teaching for Canada's most popular infant seat models. With a heavy emphasis on how partners can help, and lists of practical step by step tips, parents are guaranteed to leave our classes feeling empowered as a team to take on this exciting adventure!
  • Can I bring someone to class with me?
    Yes! You can bring your partner, sibling, cousin, parent, or friend! Anyone you would like to share this learning experience with. Each birthing person is welcome to bring one support person to class with them. In cases of surrogacy both intended parents are welcome!
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